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Why Should Businesses Focus on Digital Influence?

"digital social influence"Any business leader knows that the paradigm shift in technology has a tremendous effect on how consumers behave.  In the digital landscape, word of mouth is a powerful tool and what social media gurus won’t tell you is that social media marketing is not really about marketing – but a mirror for you to see what your customers expect and think of your brand.  Perhaps, embracing new technologies is not really the key, but differentiating your brand’s reach.. versus the influence it yields on your existing and potential customers.  Corporate branding is not a luxury and to reach smart, connected customers takes a bit of a cunning  and dedication to the cause.

Social Influence: An Untapped Resource

Everyone is connected these days.  People find and share information more than ever and you can reach them in various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, You Tube… Being connected online has become our digital lifestyle.  Those who went beyond reaching their target market as a whole and applied customer-centric strategies have earned the loyalty and recognition for their brands.  There are plenty of tools that help you learn about your reach, influence and these scores are based on certain criteria like your popularity, authority and so on.  Examples of these are Klout, Peer Index, Social Mention ( and there are plenty more ).  What’s intriguing is that most businesses focus on score alone when digital influence is more than just that.  If that were not the case, why are they still struggling with getting the word out about their brands?

Digital Influence:  The Key to Customer Engagement

Reach is all about measuring the number of people who have liked, shared, retweeted your message.  But to get them to respond to your call-to-action is a tricky business.  This differentiates ‘broadcasters’ from ‘influencers’ and the latter is what you want to become.  Influencing people and businesses of various demographics can simply start with walking in their shoes.  You have to do your market research; not guesswork.  You have to understand how your product or service solves their problems, how they search for solutions on the Web and how they share their experiences with their peers. موقع قمار اون لاين   Some experts call it the dawn of digital Darwinism.  What’s great is that you don’t have to be big to compete these days; you just have to focus on how to influence your customers’ behavior and interpret your score with your business goals in mind. قواعد لعبة البوكر

Influence Marketing, Maximum Reach and ROI

Wikipedia defined Influencer Marketing as a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals, rather than the target market as a whole.  These influencers have been early adopters of social media and they have a huge number of networks, this is why it makes perfect sense to influence them first. لعب بوكر حقيقي   This doesn’t mean just targeting big names, but small to mid-size influencers who may be in the same niche as yours or whose connections qualify as your target market.  But understand this, you can’t base your marketing alone on scores or a few replies to popular posts; you have to build relationship and trust.. because influence is all about the art of persuading someone to accept and buy the idea of your credibility and authority.  Getting like-minded folks through meaningful interactions is just the beginning, of converting an observer into a customer.. and into a believer.

Is your brand message relevant enough to resonate with your target market? Think about it.

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