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About Us

At Seventhman, we live in the “flat world”. Paperless Offices, Virtual Workforce, Distributed Organizations, and Global Sourcing are what we live and breathe.

Over the past 11 years, we have worked with hundreds of small and medium businesses for their web, software, and marketing needs, outsourced 140+ projects to 21 countries. Over these experiences we have created best practices and processes to achieve success when outsourcing. Our services marketplace, Ajeva, is a testament to our expertise in this area.

We are passionate about helping our clients save money, accelerate growth and gain competitive advantage by capitalizing on the new world economy. Contact us today and talk to us about your business.

Why Seventhman?

With over a decade of experience outsourcing in 21 countries, we have gone through it all. Made mistakes along the way, and have developed necessary best practices to deliver success in any outsourcing project. Let our experience guide your outsourcing success.
Strict Non-Disclosure
We will work with you to protect your intellectual properties and the vendor relationships we help you create. When outsourcing becomes a competitive advantage, it is important to protect the privacy of relationships that helped you get there.
Vendor Neutral
We work on your side of the table, and do not maintain any exclusive relationships with vendors. Each project is unique, and we will work with you to find the right location, vendor, and price that will lead your project to success.

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