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Seventhman launches Clay County Sheriff’s Office Web site

February 23, 2004 Press Release

Coming to a computer near you – an improved CCSO Internet site. It can still be found at the same address, www.claysheriff.com, but is now loaded with additional pages of information that should prove to be more useful to the public as well as to current CCSO employees. The site was designed by a team of website developers at Seventhman of Orange Park. مواقع رهان

Here are just a few examples of some of the improvements you’ll find on our new site:

– An updated homepage that is more professional looking and user-friendly

– A “Learn More” section with information about crime prevention, laws, sexual offender lists, and Clay County’s Most Wanted criminals

– An “About the CCSO” section with specialized pages for each agency division

– A map of the county from which citizens can access sector-specific information such as crime stats and personnel contact information

– A “Career” section that includes information about available jobs, Florida retirement, off-duty job guidelines

– The “Speak Up” section gives residents a direct email connection to agency leaders in a wide variety of areas so they can provide tips on criminal activity, traffic concerns or comments about the agency

– Much, much, more!

Seventhman is a software development company specializing in web-based, information management systems and products. تنزيل اموال حقيقية Their team worked with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office over a nine month period to complete the site redesign project bringing an out-of-date site into the next century.

Please call CCSO PIC Mary Justino at (904) 213-6009 or Mr. Will Lombard, Seventhman Director of Business Development, at (904) 215-7075 for more information. العاب الربح

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