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Draven Enterprises spins off software division

February 22, 2002 Jacksonville Business Journal

Draven Enterprises is adding a new man to its Web development team. Seventhman is the name of the division created to handle the Orange Park company’s software and database applications.

The Seventhman division, which began as a series of projects requested by several clients, will develop custom software packages for small- to medium-sized businesses.

“We’re developing software which manages content for our clients’ Web sites,” said Shaleen Shah, CEO of Draven Enterprises.

Seventhman’s top product is Niku, an Internet-delivered package that includes e-mail and contact management, a calendar and task scheduler. Niku allows content information management from any Internet connection.

Shah said the Niku suite aims to provide a one-stop, one-price solution for common tasks. “We customize and implement it to make sure it’s sufficient for them,” Shah said. “None of our products are off the shelf. الروليت اون لاين

Shah advocates his system as a replacement for several products and their license fees for each computer.

Shah’s group also offers EZ Merchant, a Web storefront and inventory control system. The interface can be retrofitted to an existing site or built from the ground up.

Seventhman’s intranet software networks a company’s computers to provide instant communication among employees and moves paper-based, old-style missives, such as memos and newsletters, online.

All three software packages vary in price since each is customized, but the fee is generally around $150 per month. That includes tech support and training on the software for employees. العاب للربح الحقيقي

Draven Enterprises will eventually fold its Web site development division, Draven Web-Crafting, into Seventhman. The 2-year-old company has three programmers and two designers in its shop.

As for the name Seventhman, “I wanted something that was unique, memorable and easy to spell out,” Shah said. bet365 arabic

– Dolly Penland
Jacksonville Business Journal

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