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Does Your Business Really Need to Be Mobile?

"mobile business"The age of mobile is here.  More people are owning smartphones and other types of mobile devices. العاب سلوتس   They’re checking websites online to stay connected. شرح لعبة روليت   Now, the real question is: Do you have a mobile-friendly site where they can check you out to see what you have to offer?  Most probably, not.  It still amazes me how many small businesses are over-looking this matter, that they’re missing lots of chances to connect with their target mobile users.  It’s not just about building better business relationships, but it’s also about increasing connectivity.  How convenient do you make it for people-on-the-go to find you on their devices?

The Mobile Gold Rush You Simply Can’t Ignore

You’ll find plenty of stats on the subject of mobility and the mobile consumer.  Did you know that more than five billion own mobile phones worldwide?  The number of Google searches on mobile devices increased dramatically by 500% and Google predicts that by 2016, mobile searches will outdo PC searches on local search ( Google 2012 Our Mobile Planet Smartphone Research ).  For those in the travel, restaurant and auto industry – it’s definitely good news that 50% of mobile queries result in a purchase (  2012 Telmetrics Survey ).  In fact, early last year, TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, reported a spike in download of travel apps.  I bet there are plenty more to add to this list and one thing’s clear: People are looking for mobile solutions… so how can businesses create a better connection, stay efficient and increase sales?  Simple – provide value and better user experience.

More than Changing How the World Shops

There are many reasons why you need a mobile site for your business.  In fact, it’s a hot topic these days and I only have to thank Marsha Collier for sharing with me Google’s test to see how my website looks on a mobile phone.  It will also ask you a couple of questions and give you a free report on the mobile-friendliness of your site.  Now, many have been asking if they should go for a mobile version of their site or build an app instead.  I guess, the apps market is a bit fragmented and for now, going for mobile site is a better investment.  While it is important to put usability in mind when it comes to site navigation,  it’s always crucial to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and identify which information they will need the most.  It’s not just about mobility, but a simplified browsing experience that will push them to buy. قوانين لعبة القمار

Your Business Needs a Mobile Strategist

Yes, mobile technology may seem complex and those who are still trying to cope up with social media tools are already scratching their heads in confusion.  But these myriad of new inventions are here to stay – from location/content-based apps, mobile payments to augmented reality.  How do you manage the mobile eco-system?  When your business moves in the speed of mobile, you will need someone to create a balance between mobile functionality and user needs.  This person will implement your business goals objectively, making sure that mobile projects are profitable as well as intuitive.  S/he will discover new challenges and opportunities in the mobile landscape, to understand consumer behavior and lifestyle as major players in their decision-making process.

Are you ready to take your mobile strategy seriously this time?

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