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Seventhman makes it easy for companies to tap into the true power of e-commerce with a ready-made storefront on the Web. It allows you to process credit cards and establish a ready-made, user-friendly shopping cart.

The debate over whether or not to implement eCommerce in your company should be over. The Web continues to prove it is a great alternative to the traditional world of “bricks and mortar” shopping. Estimates for eCommerce in the United States alone ranged over $10 billion by the second quarter of 2002.

Track product inventory, add and subtract products from your storefront, and tracks customer information easily and efficiently.

eCommerce products allow you to display your products, manage your inventory and process orders from one hassle-free central point. Seventhman can integrate your company’s existing Web site in order to maintain your current look and feel. However, if you are just getting started and need a Website, we can also help you there too.

Our products and solutions can be implemented very quickly to ensure your new Web sales channel is ready for the world.