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Workplace Revolution: Are We Thriving or Surviving?

"workplace revolution"How people work today defines the future of the workplace.  In this multigenerational work environment, our responses to drivers of change will lead to our survival – to secure a job that’s safe, challenging and satisfying.  If you take a closer look at how people work today, it is a fact that office workers have to deal with volumes of data from a variety of sources.  With new technology comes increased productivity… and together with it comes negative effects that affect our very own happiness at work. موقع بوكر   If you take a step back to how we worked from the Stone Age, you’ll surely see how complex our needs have become.  The hunt for food became a hunt for ambition. موقع مراهنات المباريات   I can’t believe how fast we have evolved until I saw this infographic on the Evolution of Workplace Technology.  This makes me wonder if we’re really moving forward, or we’re still doing the same thing we’ve done ages ago, only this time, with a new shiny object to seek for.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Everything seems high-tech today and one can only guess if we have pushed ourselves to the limit of how, what, when and where of solving problems through knowledge and manpower.  We see new ways of doing business and it seems like we didn’t even take a slumber since the transformation from the Industrial to the Information age.  If you take a dive into history, that’s less than 50 years.  We are currently working at the speed of type ( and thought ).  Globalization has encroached upon us at uncontrollable speed that may have opened up doors of opportunities, as well as drove shortages in talents that businesses suddenly felt the need to outsource offshore.

The New Economy: Are We Surviving or Thriving?

The World Economic Forum may have stated that we are entering an era of scarcity, where talent is much sought for.  We are living in a universe that’s continually expanding, and a perfect mirror to this is the growth of a new breed of workers who are far from the traditional way work has been done.  These days, work isn’t defined by location anymore, thanks to the wonders brought about by this digital evolution we now enjoy.  Sometimes, you can’t help but ask if we have been forced to adapt to these advancements so we can complete our tasks each day.. or have we really changed our perspectives to deal with these developments?  Have we really reached the peak of innovation.. or are we just trying to make ends meet in this so-called golden age bubble?

The Real Challenge to Economic Change

You might ask why I’m writing about a subject that doesn’t seem to relate to my business.  In fact, all of us who work should reflect on what we have reached so far.  Know that intangible forces are still at work and this workplace evolution brings with it core values that has a major impact , both on society and culture as a whole.  For example, just take a look at how baby boomers use technology for work against the Generation Next.  As work becomes a melting pot of people across the globe, the cultural divide widens; differences clash.  The ability to adapt to change is called for in such a dynamic workplace, and leadership is needed in order to perform and excel.  Just as there’s collective unity, there’s also a collective fear where people are wary of those who don’t belong to their race.  This can put a dent on collaboration for many stakeholders who rely on teams from various countries.  Companies may try their best to keep a tight ship when it comes to discrimination and in the end, it all comes down to individual dialogue, of empowering the workforce amidst all the attempts to standardize and regulate work process.

Are you ready to adapt your way of working.. to deal with change?     

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