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What Makes Your Customer Service Exceptional?

"customer experience"Whenever I meet a small business owner, I’m often tempted to ask if their business have a ‘soul’ –  that is, if they are customer-centric.  There’s no denying that people are demanding world class customer service these days and where loyalty is at stake, it only makes perfect sense to come up with effective means of improving customer satisfaction scores by investing in training for your front-line or virtual team.  Marketing professionals make the mistake of mixing up customer loyalty and customer experience, and this can come at a high cost — your brand reputation.  The problem why many programs won’t work is that loyalty is more about relationships and though they may appreciate all those discounts, freebies and perks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy more.

Redefining Your Customer Touch Point

Someone mentioned that it’s five times more costly to get a new customer than keep new ones.  If that’s the case, why do businesses lose the good ones?  Perhaps, achieving high levels of customer service is a myth?  But then, we hear brands like Southwest Airlines who keep customer service at its finest.. thousands of miles above the ground.  I bet that what worked for them is not only creating superior value for customers to buy, but making customers feel valued.  The more you customize the experience, the closer you get at building that relationship many have been blogging about.  Customers are not just some number on your balance sheet, your score cards.  You may be proactive in taking steps to improve satisfaction rate and at the end of the day, it’s more than just doing business in order to generate revenue.

The Fundamentals of Creating a World-Class Customer Experience

I have been an avid participant in this weekly twitter chat that talks about customer service, and it’s an amazing source of insights and best practices from key influencers and folks who are passionate about the subject. The #custserv chat happening every Tuesday nights at 9-10 pm is something you might want to add on your to-do list where getting social is concerned.  I’ve been itching to ask if they can name one important component of what makes an awesome customer service and I think, the answer will vary a lot.  I believe that training your front-liners is crucial to your company’s success and the challenge is how to make them feel this sense of purpose.  To motivate your team is one thing, to make them enthusiastic in giving out a one-and-done resolution to your customers is another.  It will all start with the passion to help..

The Makings of a Transcendent Customer Support Revealed

I recall someone asking me weeks ago on what makes a good customer-centric website and here’s the best way I can answer that question: It’s not about where your customers intend to do business with you that matters, but how available you are when they need your help.  Investing in a good website may help lessen the amount of phone time or the load of tickets you get each day in your inbox. It will come down to a customer-friendly website that’s easy to navigate, easy to read, updated, understandable and most importantly – complete. مراهنات المباريات   This is why I would recommend entrepreneurs to invest in developing a good website that doesn’t look like some free blog template tweaked for the sake of keeping an online presence.  Besides, there’s no point creating an interface for your customers to interact with when your site gives them a crappy experience. 888 casino   That means dabbling in some codes or hiring someone to do it for you.

Then, all you have to focus on is listening to your customers so you can build conversations with them that create trust over time.  And by talk, I mean going beyond the typical ‘yes/no’ type of questions.

Are you ready to engage now?

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