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What Every CEO Must Know About the Cloud

"Cloud"Cloud computing is not rocket science, as many would have believed.  This term has been popular, yet many are still confused.  The concept is not really new; just think of it as your favorite soda in new packaging. شرح البوكر   When your PC and mobile devices are in sync, when you access your information anywhere, when you organize these data from an online source, when you share files with your peers – you’re already doing cloud computing without even realizing it. 1xbet   Your personal cloud is the hubspot of data that’s ready for you to use, whenever you like.

Cloud Going Mainstream: The Ultimate Dream

Last year, we’ve seen cloud computing kick off and we’ll surely see huge opportunities for web-based businesses and startups to address critical concerns like security, and come up with a custom fix.  When mobility is the future of technology, and devices are becoming more sophisticated each year, there is a need to make the cloud simpler to adapt to the new marketplace.  In fact, there are predictions on the Web on 10 cloud computing startups that will have a chance to be a blockbuster this year.

The Cloud as an Agent of Change

There’s no denying that cloud computing will change how organizations work, especially when workers are not sitting anymore at their desks all day.  So long as you’re connected online, you can practically work anywhere.  A shift to the clouds won’t be the major solution to your business pains, and yet, it brings with it a room for agility – where key people in your business can make critical decisions faster ( and most of the time, more efficient as well ).  It’s a slow and steady adaptation to the cloud these days, without putting a huge dent on the normal workflow process, unless there are bugs to deal with or when you’re running a large enterprise.

When Team Collaboration Goes 2.0

Thanks to cloud computing, virtual teams can communicate easily and become virtually productive almost anywhere in the world.  The options seem to be limitless here. شركة بوين   The future for private cloud space also looks bright as we will see new service offerings that are secured from cyberhacks, among many other things.  As these solutions become seamless, so will virtual collaboration be.  Geographical barriers have been crossed and this may take time getting used to, like switching from horses to high-speed cars.

There’s no denying the fact that cloud computing saves you on cost of having a complex software infrastructure and maintenance by your in-house IT staff.  Mobile technology is real and this time… we’ll be seeing clear skies where it concerns the cloud.

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  1. Prime Outsourcing October 4, 2012 at 1:26 pm August 9th, 2010 10:30 AM

    In this fast-changing world, you can’t deny that there will really be a huge number of technologies that will be develop in the future. You can really expect Cloud to be one of them as it is really helpful to every individual. Working, or non-working.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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