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Web Development Company Expands, Adds New Division

January 21, 2002 Press Release

(ORANGE PARK, FL)- What started out as a project to develop a software solution for one of its clients has led Draven Enterprises in Orange Park to form an entirely new division at the young company.

Draven Enterprises, which launched its Web site development division – Draven Web-Crafting – in early 2000, has launched Seventhman, a division devoted to developing custom software solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Seventhman’s premiere product is an Internet-delivered software called NIKU (Nee-KU). NIKU includes an e-mail management system, a calendar, task scheduler and a contact management utility all in one.

“NIKU prevents companies from having to shuck out hundreds of dollars just to have a license for each computer and each different product to carry out these tasks,” said CEO Shaleen Shah.

Shah, and Tony Sutphin will head up the Seventhman division as it expands. Seventhman is looking for sales agents to market the new product to local businesses.

“We designed NIKU with one goal in mind – to help businesses be able to handle all of the information they are bombarded with daily,” Shah said. “Not only does NIKU allow businesses to control and manage their information, it also allows them to access it anywhere using any available Internet connection.”

Seventhman also offers two other world-class business solutions. One, EZ Merchant, is an online storefront that can be integrated into a company’s existing Web sites or included in a new Web site being built from the ground up. اربح مال من الانترنت EZ Merchant allows companies to add e-commerce to their Web sites with its user-friendly shopping cart and inventory control system.

The second product is Seventhman’s Intranet solution, which allows companies to improve their internal communications using the power of existing Internet technology. “Our Intranet solution allows companies to work smarter because they can eliminate internal processes that are usually paper-based, such as internal newsletters and sending company memos,” Sutphin said. “Intranets prove to be powerful solutions for companies seeking ways to streamline various processes.”

Seventhman also offers customized training for companies seeking to use cutting-edge Internet technology and desktop publishing solutions. It is currently conducting an on-going training session for employees at JEA. لعبة القمار اون لاين In the past, prior to launching Seventhman, Draven has conducted training for technology instructors at Florida Community College at Jacksonville.

“Regardless of the size of the company, we can tailor the training experience to meet the needs of the organization,” Shah said. لعبة فلوس “What we don’t do is offer training for any of the popular office productivity software, such as Microsoft Word and Access.”

As part of the expansion, Draven Enterprises has wrapped its Web site development unit into Seventhman from its beginnings as Draven Web-Crafting.

For more information about the products and services of Seventhman, refer to the division’s Web site at

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