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The Makings of a Great Custom Software Developer

"great custom software developer"Do you believe that a handwriting reveals a person’s aptitude to do the job?  I have recently read a post on Mashable about Graphology, where hiring managers can determine your personality and mental status just by looking at how you write.  But, here’s the reality:  Finding someone with both IT and business skills has been tough for big and small organizations alike.  Perhaps, for the same reason, there are entrepreneurs out there who took on the challenge of learning how to code and make things work.  Most of those who work in IT view their roles as someone who take and follow orders rather than as business partners.  This talent issue is not really new though.  Wouldn’t it be great if you can find developers who are more business-oriented?

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

What makes a great leader?  I believe you can list down key characteristics in a span of a few minutes.  Now, translating that list into awareness so your employee can be more.. is another story.  If you are looking for a custom software developer, all the more you have to watch for someone who is humble enough to acknowledge his/her strengths and weaknesses.. ويليام هيل who is flexible and committed to personal accountability.. consistently motivated to work toward goals.. who listens and gives constructive feedback.. and most important, someone who is a great communicator, who can manage change and resolve conflicts diplomatically.  Sounds too good to be true? You’d be surprised to find that diamond in the rough if you look closer enough. العاب قمار بوكر

Five Tips for Hiring a Great Custom Software Developer

Let’s disperse for a moment this talent-shortage myth and focus on finding the right hire the first time.  The last thing you want is to risk hurting your business by losing precious time and money in the process.  In my years of business serving a diverse portfolio of clients, I have come up with a list of what to look for the next time you need someone to develop a software:

1.  Go for passion — as in that drive, motivation, persistence and curiosity.  While experience is important, someone passionate about the work is a bigger predictor of success.

2.  Hire a developer who asks ‘WHY’ — if you want a working software that fits not only at the system level, but the business side of things.

3.  Pick a developer who loves learning — While having a solid grasp of the basics of languages, frameworks, structures, APIs may be good.. the tech space is evolving and skills become obsolete in a year’s time.  It’s better to work with someone who adapts to new technology when it comes along.

4.  Choose a developer who understands the system — and not just a piece of what they will work on.  Knowing why there is a need for change can help a lot in making them more productive in their work.

5.  Just take your time — when hiring, so you can avoid making mistakes.  If you do make one, fire that person fast as someone who is ineffective can disrupt the work flow.

As always, choose a developer who is not only good at something, but someone who can communicate the process when needed.  No matter how tempting, skip asking trivia questions about programming (even if you think that’s a smart thing to do). روليت كازينو


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