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  1. What Tools Do You Need to Build a Responsive Web Design?

    "responsive design tools"I admit, I’m a web design enthusiast on the constant look-out for what’s new this 2014.  As I have promised from my last post, I’m here to share with you tools to help you get started with responsive design.  Why should you even care?  The fact that smartphones and tablets rise in numbers – it simply makes sense to make sure that your business website looks good on any screen size.  When people started raving about Apple iPhone’s retina display, pixels become larger than life and it’s only crucial to display images right.  The proportion is just as important as a simple site navigation. اون لاين روليت

    Responsive design is here to stay and it’s becoming the new normal in web standards. Take my word for it.  Problem is, it’s not quite easy as it sounds.  How do you get started with that mobile-friendly site?

    Start With These Six Responsive Web Design Tools…

    Responsive Wireframes

    You want to visualize how your site will look.. but don’t know how to get started?  You can use this experimental tool with simple layout to help you simulate how each page would change responsively – with HTML and CSS only.


    If you need a boilerplate for making that responsive website with ease, this site may work for you.  It also promises beautiful typography – simple and straightforward.


    You want to test first your website in various screen resolutions and sizes.  All you have to do is Launch the app, enter the URL and select your chosen dimension. Have fun and test your site!

    Adaptive Images

    If you’re not keen into having major changes, you can set up and run this tool that works on your existing site.  This can be useful as it detects your visitor’s screen size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers a re-scaled version of your web page’s embedded HTML images. كيف تربح المال من النت

    Style Tiles

    Whether you are the client or the designer, having a common visual language helps improve discussions – without wasting time on creating multiple design mockups.  This is great for exchanging feedbacks and coming up with the right design for your site. لربح المال

    Foundation from Zurb

    Dubbed as the professional choice for designers, developers and teams – this tool provides you everything from semantics, mobile, customization, rapid prototyping and a whole lot more.

    and here’s 50 more tools that you can check to help you get your site responsive.  Now, if you’re clueless about all the coding works and would like to build your website from scratch – you can check out StudioPress (also known as the Genesis Framework) which comes with responsive and mobile-friendly templates and themes.

    At the end of the day, we’re all looking for the same thing: a functional, simple, responsive and beautiful website.. minus the coding nightmare.  Hopefully, the experience will get more effortless as fully-integrated CMS lets you create such and manage content in a breeze.

    Do you need help coming up with a responsive web design?  Just Ask!