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  1. Seven Habits of Highly Productive Entrepreneur

    "productive entrepreneur"The first week of the new year is up!  I’ve been contemplating on writing more blog posts this year and yet, I had the same sinking feeling when I think of achieving tons while staying relaxed.  On top of managing my business and various client portfolios.. I also consult, network, socialize, travel.. and try my best to achieve work-life balance this time around.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but I do envy those who manage to juggle things without having to sweat a lot.  Perhaps, they do.  But, they appear just too happy to be bothered.  I’ve asked myself a couple of times if there’s really a quick fix to becoming really productive overnight?

    Seven Habits of Highly Productive Entrepreneurs Revealed

    The answer came close to home, when I’ve had the chance to reunite with a long-time friend and entrepreneur ( just like myself ).  It started with a trivial discussion on multitasking and whether such a thing really exists. كيف تلعب لعبة بينجو   You see, the brain can only handle enough information and you’re not really doing all things at once – but many things at a faster rate than before.. unless you have four pair of hands, two sets of brains.  This is his argument and if you come to think of it, it’s no farther from the truth, that trying to do so much with twice the speed lets you lose focus and you end up with more unfinished tasks than ever.  So, is productivity a myth then?  Not really.  It all starts with following these seven paths that highly productive entrepreneurs follow:

    1.  Be Clear About Your Priorities

    Knowing what you want most will help you list a set of priorities to accomplish, starting from the most important to the least.  You only need to have five goals to start with and see how it grows.

    2.  Learn When To Say No

    Accepting that you can’t do everything, that you don’t know everything is the first step.  Don’t take too much that you can’t handle and never compromise your personal happiness as well.

    3.  Enjoy

    If you don’t start your day with activities you enjoy, you may just end up procrastinating about finishing anything.  Be grounded.  Be passionate about work.  You will achieve more things if you love what you’re doing. كازينو مباشر   And this means having more time to enjoy those precious moments in life.

    4.  Work Mindfully

    Whether you’re returning a call or listening to your client, you have to be completely focused in what you do.  Being present is pretty relaxing.  Less stress means more accomplishment.. and lesser attention to distractions or time wasters.

    5.  Discover New Things

    Or, new and efficient way of doing old things.  There are plenty of online tools that can help save you time.  You can even outsource tasks to virtual assistants so you can focus on the core competencies of your business.

    6.  Add Value

    Whenever you think of doing something, always ask yourself if it is really necessary.  When you value your time, you also value your worth.. مراهنات كرة القدم and others will value the idea that you have something unique to offer them.

    7.  Be Positively Persistent

    If at the end of the day you haven’t achieved everything you planned, don’t beat yourself up.  Mistakes do happen.  But your positive attitude in wanting to do better tomorrow may just put you back on the right track.

    Above all, gratitude is the best attitude any entrepreneur can ever have.  It’s all about being grateful for a day of having worked smarter that will save you from working harder the next.  ( and that makes it the 8th habit to have this year ).  Sorry, there are just no shortcuts to these habits this time.

    Would you rather join me in a 30-minute power nap to increase your productivity towards the end of the day then?   Let’s sleep on it!

  2. Should You Adopt Social Enterprise Networks for Your Business?

    "social enterprise network"Recently, I’ve encountered a post from Small Business Trends about Google+ testing enterprise social networking features for their site.  This is great news for those who are already utilizing other Google products so everything’s in one place this time and there’s no need to jump platforms.  While the simplest definition for social enterprise networks is ‘Facebook for Business’ – it’s not entirely the case.  Take for example Yammer where you can view news feeds and updates of your group.  It may look like a rather exclusive version of the popular social networking site, but it differs from how your organization use it to make collaboration amongst your team a seamless experience.  Should your business invest its  efforts in adopting the social enterprise networking experience as well? betfinal

    Integration and Synergy from Within

    While not everyone can benefit from setting up an internal network within your organization, doing so helps keep everyone going on the right direction.  Some may say that networking is a distraction and a time drain, but on the contrary, the value to be had is bigger than what one can imagine, especially when these technologies are used to improve communication and collaboration across departments.  There are plenty of enterprise social networking tools to choose from and for this to work successfully, businesses must draft clear guidelines so that all employees can participate in the integration of the daily workflow process.  This means harnessing a culture of trust, information-sharing and open conversation. العاب ماكينات قمار   Consequently, businesses are struggling with these.

    Enterprise Social Networks: Weighing the Pros and Cons

    When many employees choose the new way of working, we see a new breed of byod enthusiasts who are choosing project-based work where they can do tasks anytime, anywhere.  You may say it’s counter-intuitive, but recent studies may surprise you on how these social technologies are changing the world – from families, friends, businesses, and down to consumers.  There are still untapped potentials where social technologies are concerned and for your business to successfully utilize these, you have to create a culture of trust and motivate participation among your team. رهان كرة القدم   While there have been a raucous lately on the trademark where the term ‘social enterprise‘ is concerned, you must dedicate your business in identifying the sole purpose of using these tools before you can implement the process.

    The Pros

    1.  More transparency when it comes to monitoring your team’s progress
    2.  Saves time wasted on sending emails, making phone calls and conducting meetings
    3.  Better communication when changes are needed to be done to meet tight deadlines
    4.  Faster feedback when you need insights from your team and other experts in your network
    5.  Boost engagement and idea generation activities among the team

    The Cons

    1.  If not properly run, people may get confused with project milestones
    2.  In line with item #1, there will be decrease in productivity
    3.  Adopting networking policies may be difficult especially when reinforcing the idea that it has both business and community functions
    4.  Culture clash and miscommunication can still happen
    5.  Some people in your team may find the system complex and consider it time-consuming ( not to mention the bugs they may encounter )

    At some point, you have to recognize when social enterprise is working for your business or not.  As the adage goes, ‘Keep It Simple!‘ These applications are not that perfect and it’s your task to weigh in the value of these tools for your business.