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  1. Innovation or Excellence: An Entrepreneur’s Calling

    What if you have only five minutes to call in the shots and make the biggest decision that will cost you millions of dollars?  Would you hold on to excellence or would you risk innovation?  I find it amazing that many who are endowed with herculean talents don’t find success in their field, simply because they are learning the wrong things and repeating the same old, bad habits as if they are in the first circle of Dante’s Inferno.  What have gone wrong?  Perhaps, we are not learning from our experiences right.  Yes, we win some.. we lose some… and together with our many failures come plenty of success stories as well.  What we fail to learn are the good things; we always tend to focus on the bad.  The vicious cycle then goes on.

    When Steve jobs proclaimed that he will put a dent in the universe, he wasn’t kidding after all.  Who could have thought that Apple will reach the pinnacle of fame and fortune in the tech field?  He took the risk and still, a lot of us are resilient to the idea of welcoming innovation because of bad experiences we had from the past.  There’s nothing wrong in holding on to time-tested values with the unpredictability of these days, where even the major league players are booted out of the game.  But, how will you ever know if your ideas will work if you won’t remove your shoes of doubt and dip your bare foot in the water of discovery that runs beneath?

    The question now is:  Are you willing to hold on to the values of excellence that gave you predictable results you can control…OR, will you permit innovation to take over and let your business ride the waves of the growing market, no matter where it will take you?  Yes, passion in what you do is the fuel that drives you to success.  But, which vehicle do you ride on?  For example, if your business is on the brink of a major change, do you inspire your employees to think like entrepreneurs?  It’s very interesting that a research made by Dr. Roy Baumeister, an expert in Social Psychology, found out that we don’t have the will and discipline to do difficult tasks – but, we can build habits around them and in time, turn them into some sort of a sacred ritual.  By that time, there is not much difference between excellence and innovation; it is just a matter of perception, self-control and choice.  Can you handle this challenge?