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  1. Making Everyday an Employee Appreciation Day

    "employee appreciation"You might have missed it.  But just in case, March 1st is officially the Employee Appreciation Day.  Have you shown your team how much you value them lately?  While money is important, it’s proven that recognition works better in motivating your people to put their best foot forward.  Last time, I have shared with you Magnetic Outsourcing tips that will help you attract and retain top performers in your company.  This time, I will share with you simple ways on how you can run a lean business with ways you can reward your people without having to spend a dime.  Your employees are the lifeline of your business and making them feel good will always reflect back on your brand, where customer interaction is involved.

    Putting More Value on Your Team

    While your employees are crucial in making sure that you’re in the business of keeping customers loyal to your brand, engaging in scare tactics may backfire sooner than you think.  I’ve seen teams fail because people were made to fear taking risks.  Competition may be great for a short time, but it can create division in the long run.  Where do you strike a balance?  Simple.  You can try:

    1.  Sincerity

    There’s nothing bad with praise, only that when you give it indiscriminately – it looks cheap.  Instead, keep it honest. Your team had a difficult day completing a hard task so give praise publicly.  Send in a word of thanks, a note. لعبة روليت للايفون   Value each person’s contributions and point out how each one have contributed to the team’s success.

    2.  Flexibility

    If thousands were enraged with the recent news of how Yahoo’s policy had put a lid on working flexible hours, you should know better.  So long as your people don’t abuse this privilege, it can build trust and stronger work relationship in the long run.  Flex time is always the easiest to give with most to gain.

    3.  Making Work Fun

    Try to be creative in thinking of weekly events that can boost your team’s morale.  Just because you’re working in a virtual setting doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate in real-time. موقع قمار اون لاين   There are plenty of online tools out there that can bridge this gap.  If you’re sending out a monthly newsletter, try featuring your best workers for a change. لعبه البوكر لعبه البوكر   Be creative!

    4.  Reward Ideas

    Just because an idea didn’t work doesn’t mean that it should stop your team from producing new ones.  Why not host an annual award for the best idea?  Even if it’s not implemented, this can stimulate innovation and positive mindset among your team.  Also, if you need to correct an action, please coach privately and fix the problem without judging the person.

    5.  Ask for Feedback

    The best way to make your employees feel that their time and efforts are appreciated is to listen to what they have to say.  Besides, it’s tough to be always in control so turn the tables this time and let everyone take a vote in the decision-making table.  This way, you can open communication channels.

    Then, there’s the usual perk – in cash or in kind.  At the end of the day, it’s all about appreciating those who made a difference to your business and to your customers, of those who contributed to your success.  It doesn’t hurt to take off a few minutes each day to send out a meaningful compliment, without the BS.

    ** and to my team, Many Thanks… for working with me, through thick and thin.

  2. How to Find Top Talents for Your Business

    "top talents"If finding loyal talents in the virtual world isn’t enough pain that makes every HR manager cringe, searching for top performers is.  Whether you’re looking for a superstar technical crew or a creative maverick to join your team, the challenge often lies when you’re just starting up… because most likely, these top guns aren’t actively seeking for a job. In this age of BYOD workers, hiring the right people for your team can take months of frustrating trial and error – without positive results.  There’s just trouble attracting quality candidates that costs you time, money and lost productivity.  Is there a permanent fix to this dilemma?

    How to Recruit Top Talents Fast, Easy and Painless

    I’m not saying that there’s a quick way to remedy this hit-or-miss scenario in the hiring world.  Most often, odds are stacked against you because you’re the very cause of the problem. لعب قمار   If you want to have a stellar team to help move your business forward, you have to stop the shopper’s mentality hoping for a better worker to come along.. and start:

    Revamping Your Corporate Culture

    This may be a hard pill to swallow, but it all ends up with trust and respect.  The greatest investment is your people.  How you value them makes a huge impact, regardless of how big or small your business is. روليت كازينو

    Getting Involved

    There’s always the excuse that you’re too busy to handle the hiring process, so you leave the decision to someone who’s not equipped to make the right choice.  Try as much as you can to be engaged in the process because you might not know what you’ll pick up, something that’s not within the applicant’s resume.  You have to know if that person fits your company, skill-wise and personality-wise.

    Being Quick, Short and To the Point

    The best talents may not have all the time in the world to read through your job description and they may skip on to the next post.  You have to eliminate any unnecessary steps, stop overthinking the interview process, and give a short feedback on time.

    Thinking of Benefits

    Just because you think your business is ‘cool’ doesn’t mean that you can attract the right people to work for you.  If you feel like you can tempt these quality experts with money alone, don’t count on it!  Everyone else is offering them the same thing ( or better ).  Instead, try to think of interesting benefits that will make them bite the bait.

    Leading by Example

    They say that you’ll only know a great leader when you’re working for one.  But, there are telltale signs too.  Great leaders are not only people with a real sense of character; they are great listeners too. العاب كازينو اون لاين   They are agile to change and communicate without delay.  Great leaders don’t only say, ‘We want to hire you now!’ – they act now and hire without delay.

    The second time you feel like taking your game to the next level, think quality over quantity.

    **and if you’re having tough time making informed choices, please feel free to contact me for help.  Thanks!