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  1. Business Principles: Your Mission and Vision Will Define Your Action

    "business vision"What’s the difference between a successful business and an epic fail?  The second one hits the wall because no business principle has been established, committed to, and communicated.  Call it many different names: vision, mission, values.. if you don’t define them, it’s like driving long distances without a road map.  Just as thinking outside the box is crucial when you’re formulating ideas for your business, you have to lay down the foundation that will set the stage for many decisions that you will make later, or you may see yourself going downward spiral.  And don’t give me the reason that you have no time; I’d say make time!  These core values will affect everything that you do, no matter how big or small it may be. ivermectin tablets south africa buy

    Creating a Vision in Vulnerable Economies

    Promoting entrepreneurship is not an easy task when you’re talking about small businesses that are thriving in developing countries and economically-challenged zones.  While outsourcing has bridged the gap between skills and technology across the globe, having a comprehensive approach in tackling the slews of difficulties in business growth seems more than just a modern vocabulary in the world of innovation.  The truth is, that whether one does business in developing or progressive countries, most often, the CEOs of these organizations are not in touch with reality – simply because they lack a clear mission, vision, values statement to start with.  It’s like an incurable paralysis spreading over one’s foot, leg… just because processes are ineffective and goals are misaligned.

    Your Values are the DNA of Your Business

    Our founding fathers have made it clear what freedom really meant and they took every measure available in order to gain independence.  They were revolutionary thinkers.  You see, no matter how grandiose your vision ( more likely, fantasy ) is, if you don’t make a mark within your company about it for your people to believe, everything’s lost.  This is why it is not only important to shape your business with your founding principles, but to stay transparent and consistent with your cause.  Perhaps, we can define:

    Mission – as the very reason ‘Why’ your business exists
    Vision – as the way your business will look in the future, like five years from now
    Values – as your collection of beliefs that you share with everyone in your organization; something that creates your company culture

    And having a mission based on your vision will help you define values to keep, as you inspire your team to charge in the right direction.

    Your Business Principles Don’t Have to Stink

    Like rotten eggs, that is, if you make time to create something meaningful.  This means you have to come up with a statement that’s tailored to your business, something that doesn’t look like everyone else’s. ivermectin treats   No buzzwords, no jargon.  Keeping things simple is your best bet here and you may not be a talented writer, but your mission-vision statement have to make sense, so much so that it gets everyone in your team excited about what defines your company. ivermectine vente libre   Think of storytelling.  What story does your business have to tell?  Will this story spark an interest among your customers?

    There’s no need for talking the talk here and  those countless excuses why you don’t need to write down what really defines your business.  You may know what you’re doing or you may not. You may be too busy for all I care.  But having a focus and clarity on your mission, vision, values, and objectives will shape that winning strategy you’ve been looking for ever since.  It’s time to take.. Action!


    Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.  ~Albert Camus

    Happy Independence!!!

  2. Perceptions on Big Data: The Good and the Bad

    "big data trends"There have been many talks about Big Data lately and one can only wonder if there is a limit when it comes to the power of predictive data with all these analytics available.  Last time, I have blogged about creating big data initiatives for business success and yet, looking through the lens of an entrepreneur, there are still plenty of unexplored terrains where the topic is concerned.  Should we simply embrace the idea that big data is here to stay?  Is the trend reaching the peak of inflated expectations where matters of security is concerned?  At the end of the day, data gathered is not really the real business driver, but the insights and intelligence that rise from this.  It will always transcend beyond size.. to the impact these data will have, whether the raw volume of data is big or small.

    What You Should Know About Big Data

    With the influx of investors wanting to take a piece of the big data cake, it’s not a news anymore to find venture capitalists pouring millions of dollars into firms creating products whose goal is to manage this so-called big data.  Does big data mean big business?  It’s too soon to tell. العاب للربح الحقيقي   Right now, one thing is for sure: Businesses will always look for better ways to store, manage, analyze and integrate data to help them reach their goals.  With the advent of cloud computing, mobile technology and social media platforms – it’s all a matter of time when everyone gets more comfy with the idea that big data isn’t a hype, but a hope for those who are targeting global markets in a down-sized economy.

    Given this circumstance, you need to know that data these days can come from virtually anywhere.  The real value here is how you can capture what’s important and analyze it to drive efficiency to your business.  For this to happen, you will need to find the right person who knows how to work the tools of the trade, so s/he can come up with the right data, of filtering through the clutter.  This onslaught has surely paved the way to a renewed interest on predictive analytics, of finding value in an era of widespread data – to finding ways in solving big problems before it can happen in real-time.

    When Big Data Enters the Dark Side

    A couple of years back, big data is used by credit-rating companies in an effort to build a monster database about their clients.  Access to this rich customer data is like joining an elitist club.  Today, big data is more strategic.  Just take a look at Facebook who recently offered an IPO and is valued in the billions simply because it’s a big treasure cove of valuable data that will unlock the secrets of selling to a wider demographic.  I’d rather say ‘Welcome to the stalker economy’ and there’s no such thing as free.  People these days are willing to give out personal information in exchange of  free products.  Yes, technophiles may be excited about the potentials of big data, but it’s like appreciating carbon energy and its huge supply… until ice caps melt.  What we created as a gift may be our burden, and the cost may be higher this time.. where knowledge is concerned.

    We may argue for the customer’s sake as we use big data to drive a customer-centric business.  Yet, are we reaching the end of privacy? العاب على الهاتف   Or more likely, will we risk our privacy to pay for the price of big data?  Knowledge do come with power and this time, it’s not really about the data we will gather.. but how we put it into use.  The risk may be higher and this time, there’s no turning back.

    Are you ready to walk the fine line between what’s right according to the data you’ve examined… and what you feel is right?