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  1. Five Questions You Need to Ask Before Building Mobile Apps

    "mobile apps"If there’s one thing entrepreneurs need to know, it’s this: Mobile is not a trend.  Rather, it’s a new mindset and everyone, from your employees to customers, will expect your brand to be on their mobile devices.  There is no room for disappointment this time.  The problem kicks in when you become too ambitious with your mobile app project. تعلم بوكر   Just because you find your idea interesting doesn’t mean you should assume the same reaction from your target audience.  Did you know that most mobile apps fail to deliver because those who built them did not spend time validating their products with real users who would be willing to pay?  Before you even shell out thousands of dollars and countless man hours, you have to ask these questions:

    1.  Is there a real need?

    Don’t be tempted to launch an app just because it looks ‘cool’.  There must be a real purpose.  Does your app solve a problem?  Start with this in mind.

    2.  Who are you building it for?

    You have to segment your target audience, whether you’re building a mobile app for new or existing customers.  It’s all about context and the benefits that will drive higher conversion.

    3.  How will it look like?

    You don’t have to come up with something totally disruptive just to make your app look innovative.  There is such a thing called as user experience and sometimes, making things simpler and faster works better than all those fancy graphics combined.

    4.  What type of device will your app run on? لعبه روليت

    With the explosion of smartphones, tablets and phablets of all resolution and screen sizes, you have to consider the type of device your app will be running on.  For the same reason that many major brands are implementing responsive web design on their sites, studying the demographic behavior of your target customers will help a lot.

    5.  How do you build it?

    Ideas are just as good as the air you breathe if they’re not turned into reality.  You have to be realistic about your budget for building a mobile app.  Who will work on it?  You can either look for local talents or outsource work to trusted experts.

    The final goal you must aim for in terms of developing for mobile should be gaining customers’ loyalty and productivity among your team. لعبة روليت مجانيه   Gartner recently predicted that more than 2.3 billion mobile devices will ship worldwide this year. This tells you one thing – Mobile is the new normal of how we connect online.

    What will guarantee success for you then if you decided to build one?  The answer is really simple – as in keeping your end users in mind.  Their experience will spell your app’s success.. or failure.  The key here is to keep on improving what you will come up with, on promoting what works and ditching what doesn’t.

    You have a great idea, no doubt.  Are you ready to execute it well?