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Member Profile: Shaleen Shah, Seventhman

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Shaleen Shah isn’t your typical business owner. While he’s been running his own business for the past four years, Shah isn’t “legally” an adult yet. Although he’s only 20 years old, his age hasn’t stopped him from starting and growing Seventhman, a technology consulting and Web design company that develops custom software packages for small- to medium-sized businesses.

“Age is not a limitation for me,” Shah said. “Our team provides an extensive portfolio and experience.” Shah’s parents encouraged and supported him in starting his own business while he was still in high school at Orange Park High.

Born in India, Shah moved to Jacksonville with his family when he was 10 years old. Then when Shah was 16, he started his own business in his family room at home. ivermectin anemia Since then, Seventhman has changed its name, expanded its services and moved to an office located in Orange Park only 10 minutes away from Shah’s home. While Shah began with two or three employees, he now has six full-time employees and utilizes 50 contractors on three different continents.

The main focus at Seventhman is Internet development, including Web sites, e-commerce and e-business solutions. “We help businesses become more efficient using technology,” Shah said. “Our services range from developing enterprise solutions to connecting all your company’s locations using an Intranet. ivermectin lotion amazon ” Despite the busy load of operating his own small business, Shah also attends UNF working toward his marketing degree.

If you’re wondering where the name “Seventhman” came from, Shah will tell you that he considers seven his lucky number and that the name seemed marketable and unique.

While Seventhman’s 100 clients are located all over the United States, Shah says that more than 90 percent of his marketing is done through word of mouth. As a result, Shah recognizes the importance of his involvement at the Chamber.

He joined the Chamber two years ago when he became involved in the West Area Council. He started on their board and then became the treasurer. Most recently the West Area Council nominated Shah as a candidate for this year’s Small Business Leader of the Year. “Being a part of the Chamber means building business relationships,” Shah said.

Another part of Seventhman’s commitment of giving back to the community is with Get Connected, an organization that creates Web pages for businesses and non-profit organizations. Seventhman’s employees helped launch Get Connected, which is managed by students in northeast Florida. This group provides an opportunity for the business community and schools to combine efforts to better prepare young people for their careers through exposing students to a variety of skills.

Seventhman also remains involved in the community through their ongoing internship program for college and university students. Seventhman helps students gain hands-on technology experience while simultaneously earning college credit. They also offer Technology Learning Experiences to area high school students.

“Getting involved in the Chamber and the community is one of the best things you can do. ketoconazole and high dose ivermectin side effects It’s not just about our business, it’s about giving back to the community as well.”

Jacksonville Chamber Focus

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