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Emotional Engagement: The Biggest Social ROI Driver

"social media engagement"We’ve heard lots of social media gurus talk about the topic of engagement and yet, this concept is veiled in the clouds of vagueness.  People share and discover content online.  Why do they take that action?  This is still a mystery yet to be solved.  Maybe, it’s all about perceptions that make something viral on the Social Web.. but then again, maybe the answer lies closely to the heart.  Someone told me that no amount of marketing can help if your message doesn’t pack a punch.  If your brand message is the virus, you need to create a strong emotional connection to make your audience spread the word.

The Business of Getting Social Debunked

It isn’t really a surprise to me hearing that Romney has lost the presidential raceWhy?  I’ve watched him spar with wits and words against President re-elect BarrackObama and Romney’s awkward social skills have been his very downfall.  Even this post will agree with me that the masses saw his agenda a bit.. questionable.  While many social media marketers will tell you to hang out where everyone is, I’d say you’re just wasting time if you aren’t being social.  See the difference?  By socializing, I meant participating and adding value to online conversations that resonate with how your target audience feels.  If you don’t share something that they care about, they will most unlikely care for your brand.

Customer Experience is the New Marketing

Our digital lives are twisted into one giant map of interconnected railways, subways.. in the hope of building better relationships that will help drive people to our business sales funnel.  How can you shift that focus to your advantage?  How can you create content that will gain attention, engage emotions and get stuck in their memory?  By allowing people to interact with your brand in a much personalized way is the first step you can take.  The more people feel you have something relevant to share, the more likely they will remember your site.  It’s not news when studies show that emotional impact drives the greatest ROI.

Because We are Humans..

With this statement in mind, the next time you think of a viral campaign or a content strategy for your brand – think of creative concepts that are unique and memorable.  I’m not a social media marketing expert, but my experience helps me come up to a conclusion, that to stand out from the crowd, you simply need to be a brand.. with a heart.  Should you experiment then?  By all means, yes.  Test what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t.  Learn from your mistakes, listen to your crowd and allow them to participate in the process. لعبت بوكر   What will make them tick?  Identify what will interest them the most so you can create content that will push the envelope and deliver a message worth sharing. لعبة البوكر

It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

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