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Cravey Communications develops radio campaign

March 22, 2002 Jacksonville Business Journal

Eric Cravey, president of Cravey Communications, is developing his first radio campaign since incorporating the company last fall.

The campaign is for Seventhman, a division of Draven Enterprises, an Orange Park-based company that develops custom software for small to medium-sized businesses. It also offers training for companies that want to use the latest technology and desktop publishing solutions.

The ads will run on WEJZ-FM 96.1 from March 11 to March 25, and will include seven spots daily promoting Seventhman’s software program.

“The reason we went with 96.1 was their demographics which are 35-year-olds and older,” Cravey said.

“That’s a professional demographic and a lot of times, the secretaries are the ones with the radios at their desks and many times, they are the ones who make the decisions about company software.”

Jacksonville Business Journal

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