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Are You Excited for 2014?

"2014 trends"Happy New Year!  Goodbye to the old, Hello to everything fresh and new.  I bet you are excited for what 2014 has in store where technology, IT and outsourcing is concerned.  Maybe, you’ve been wanting to make a major change in your business or invest in something totally new.  Knowing the hot trends may help provide insights that will help you make smarter decisions this time.  Like you, we’re on the same quest and our hopes are high as this year looks more promising than the last.  Are you ready for 2014?

From Vendors to DIY Outsourcing

As the year closed, we saw trends in businesses taking outsourcing matters into their own hands.  For the same reason that online freelancing workplaces are growing its user base.  Even small businesses are becoming huge players in the IT outsourcing field.  Are we seeing the death of the middleman in sourcing transactions?  Too soon to tell.  As many are pushing for flexible pricing terms and automating certain back office functions, we may see a tug-of-war between offshore and domestic service providers. ربح حقيقي من الانترنت

Content Taking Context

Content marketers will have to step up their game this year and add more value so they can guide their audience to their conversion funnel.  Accountability in marketing ROI is called for and those who can’t deliver may crack under the pressure. كازينو مباشر   We’ll we ever see the rise of targeted content that caters to the mobile crowd? Positive.  Some things are certain though:  There’s no such thing as free lunch and brands need to get smarter in choosing the best distribution channels + networks for their message.

Disruptive Innovation Meets Regulation

Surely, we’ve been fascinated with 3D printing and wearable tech as the year closed.  As these and more new technology come in contact with our daily living, we’ll see more debates in coming up with laws and regulations that aim to protect user data and privacy.  Work will be disrupted by automated machines, technology and processes in a good and bad way that policies need to be implemented by the book in many enterprises. تعليم القمار   Will the Internet of Things become the precursor to deployment of the hybrid cloud model?  Let’s wait and see.

You may say that this post sounds cryptic as I didn’t include specifics.  Thing is, there might be something new right now that we haven’t heard of.. which may become the latest buzz in the next 24 hours.  The possibilities are limitless, the risks are many.  Trends come and go in the IT world but overall, we feel optimistic as we keep a watchful eye.

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