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An Open Invitation to Innovate Processes, Not Products

"innovation strategy"We can’t deny the impact of mobile and cloud technologies on how we work these days.  As flexibility becomes the new normal, organizations become more agile in making sure that everyone is productive, even in the changing nature of the work place.  Indeed, this ‘work anywhere’ mentality has empowered businesses, big or small, in North America and beyond.  With changing work styles comes an open invitation to innovate where collaboration is concerned.  What’s keeping us from building something better then?

The Biggest Obstacle in the Tech World

A global research conducted by Citrix shows that one in five small businesses in the US, Canada and Australia are achieving productivity gains of over 30% by allowing people to work whenever, wherever and however they choose.  Almost half agreed that social collaboration drives better results, and widespread accessibility to quality technology helps people and businesses collaborate better.  Still, there are plenty of room for improvement where the tech community is concerned… if only people will trust each other to come up with ideas that will help solve pain points where work is concerned.  Problem is, exposing your ideas in the open invites others to steal them. لعبه بلاك جاك   To create healthy competition that will encourage innovative juices to flow is still a work-in-progress.. for the same reason we still see under-developed applications and intellectual property violations.

Developing an Innovation Strategy that Works

From the inception of the buzzword, everyone is out to ‘innovate’.  But most of the time, they often end up having an unclear vision on developing and executing an innovation strategy that works.  In the race to come up with the next big thing, many businesses are lost when it comes to their real purpose.  In the middle of the race, you start looking at your product/service as another ‘me too’ copy of the best thing out there.  Before you know it, what you invented becomes another book collecting dust on a shelf.  To come up with a bright idea shouldn’t only be something that you’re passionate about, but it must also be grounded in reality.  It must be adaptive.  You have to measure your success rate and minimize risks.  Think of possibilities as you connect the dots between ideas so you can come up with a fully-scalable solution..

Emerging Technology vs. Disruptive Technology

To Be, You Have to Become.  Confusing, I know.  What I meant here is that if you want to be a startup, you have to think and act like one.  For the same reason that you want to come up with consumer applications banking strongly on user experience, you have to become someone who can deliver just that – to come up with something that’s technologically feasible, business viable, and humanly desirable.  It won’t really matter if you’re working with emerging technology, of new and reliable ones.. or build something disruptive that will shift how people will collaborate in the new workplace.  What’s important is your commitment in making sure that you come up with something that will generate profit – because the survival of your business depends on it. العاب بوكر اون لاين

Are you ready to come up with something innovative and useful this time?  I’m leaving you with this question.




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