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2013: New Year, New Ideas, New Habits

"new year 2013"For many years, you’ve always come up with a long list of resolutions for the New Year.. only to be disappointed that you don’t have the willpower to commit to these.  It’s high time to change things and ditch what doesn’t stick – starting with this bad habit.  It’s not a surprise really why you can’t seem to eat healthier, exercise more, live a balanced life and so on.  Perhaps, your heart is really not up to the task.  Then, there’s the stream of bad behavior programmed deep into your psyche that making the slightest change can be utterly exhausting.  How can you make things better this time?

There Are Just NO Shortcuts!

If you want to start on a clean slate this year, you have to understand how your mind works.  There will always be that emotional trigger that makes you think and act the way that you do right now.  Sometimes, you don’t have to stop doing something completely; you just need to find a better alternative.  That goes with managing your business and people as well.  It’s all about reconstructing what’s not working and amplifying what works, especially when financial times are bleak.  It’s not about getting on every social media network,  hoping that your brand message will go viral in time.. BUT, it’s all about knowing the right market so you can send the right message using the right media. You have to develop the vision for the business of your dreams and renew your purpose, your passion.. Right NOW!

Creating New Ideas that Drive Innovation

The world around you is filled with ideas and you only have to take one to get you inspired on thinking of something new.  The key here is to start with you, your experience and your current challenges.  Can you see opportunities to help your customers?  How about a new business venture?  Can you turn your product into something better?  Nobody wants problems, but having them is like a blessing that can drive new business ideas which thrive in diverse, often unknown places.  Maybe, you’re not opening your eyes wide enough.  In any situation, the only way out of the cave of fear is by conquering that dreaded path.  Learn where you fail, where others failed.. and reuse ideas that work, or more likely, turn it into something great.

2013: A Time for Real Change

That’s why people call it a ‘hard habit to break’ and the only way to move forward is to challenge your old habits so you can gradually immerse better habits.  There’s simply no point in trying harder to commit to a failed cause.  Nobody gets it perfect all the time, no matter how lucky you think those successful entrepreneurs are.  This time, it’s totally fine to say, ‘Yes, I have failed..’ so you can start asking yourself, ‘How Can I Do Things Better?’  You blew it.  You don’t have to feel bad about it though. رهان اون لاين   You can always do better tomorrow than you did today.

If there’s anything to learn this time, it’s this:  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  You can always start on a clean slate. لعبة البوكر مجانا   Just seize the day, live inspired each day.. and everything will be all right.

May Your Year Be Prosperous and Bright.  Happy 2013 to All!  – Shaleen Shah, Founder, Seventhman.com

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